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High-tech has always been a part of who we are.

Particle detectors such as IceCube – frozen into the eternal ice of Antarctica – allow researchers at DESY to study how supernovae explode.
With a workforce made up of experts from 17 different countries, AneCom AeroTest in Wildau is part of Germany’s third largest aviation location.
Enjoying nature and life right on the Dahme river bank: the historical residential estate “Schwartzkopff-Siedlung” in Wildau.
You can study at Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences. Another option is the Academy of Administration and Business.
In bester Nachbarschaft mit Mensch, Natur und Technik.
We are dahme_innovation – and progress is our tradition.
As the movers and shakers of the technology and science region in Zeuthen, Wildau and Königs Wusterhausen, we continue on our unparalleled path of industrial development:
As a place of cutting-edge research, economic success, and education – and as a beautiful home to the people of the region. With passion, creativity, and an open mind, we develop solutions for the future together: innovation on the river Dahme.

Researchers from over 60 countries

30 minutes to get to Berlin city centre

50 minutes to Cottbus

15 minutes to get to
airport BER

5 minutes to get onto the motorway at Schönefelder Kreuz

200 km of waterways

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